BREAKING: Body Pulled From Clinton Guest House Fire Identified


The body pulled from the complete devastation of the Clinton Estate guest house in Chappaqua, New York has been identified as 26-year-old Melinda Hagliarty of Ossippee, a town just down the road. How she got into the Clintons’ guest home and why she ended up dead are still unknown.

Hagliarty, a waitress at a local restaurant, was reported missing over a week ago. According to her mother, she had no reason to be in that house:

“She didn’t know them Clintons. She’s a Trump girl. She wouldn’t be hanging around there no way no how. There has to be some explanation as to why my baby girl was there and why someone would do that to her.”

The coroner says the woman shows signs of a struggle but couldn’t elaborate on the ongoing investigation without revealing things only the killer would know. It seems somewhat obvious that this poor young woman wasn’t there willingly and that her life ended horribly and tragically at the hands of a madman.

Could Bill Clinton have pulled this off or is he too old? That’s what investigators are now looking into. Clinton still has Secret Service protection but not much and not in the interior of their property. Their job is to keep people away, not to be personal bodyguards for life.

So the question remains, how did she get there? We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


  1. How many more people will have to die with the surrounding circumstances pointing directly at the Clintons AND how much longer will they continue not to do anything about it ? Not only do ALL of the victims throughout 3 decades deserve justice but bringing that damn killer(s) to justice?? We all know who was behind it and more than likely in many cases and possibly this one didn’t even lift a finger to get it done but I believe she’s sadistic enough to watch. We still have to throw that word ( alleged) in there but I wish someone with some balls would provide the evidence needed. But let’s be honest. here is really only one way she can be stopped ….and it’s my preference. Hillary you will rot in hell! Remind yourself how old you are and that your days here on earth are limited so take that thought process of yours a little further and ask yourself, ” What do I have to look forward to after death? ” I can give you a general idea. You will be tortured and rot in hell for eternity

  2. Just follow the body’s ,they all lead back to the clintons ,how can our, mind and yours keep letting these killer keep getting away with what they do.If it was you or me we would be in jail,where are we going to if we let them keep getting away with this!

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