BREAKING: DOJ Found It! Hit Hillary CLinton 4 Times Over!


Trump ran on the promise to “lock her up” and prosecute Hillary for the decades of crimes she committed. On the first day of the year our hopes for this woman’s demise were reignited, after President Trump took to twitter and called for the immediate arrest of Hillary Clinton. Then on Thursday night, unbelievable news broke that Trump’s Justice Department would be reopening their investigation into Hillary’s private email server, after evidence emerged that FBI Director Comey instructed his minions to bury evidence of Hillary’s felonies from the investigation. If that wasn’t enough news to send Hillary into cardiac arrest, now news is surfacing that her email server is ONE of FOUR investigations that’s about to railroad her, as President Trump appears to be upholding his promise to “drain the swamp” of the rats that have infested D.C. for decades.

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