BREAKING: Clinton Aide Drops Bomb – Hillary Clinton’s Team Behind Russia Meddling


Publicly, Hillary Clinton wants you to think President Donald Trump and his administration are behind Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. She wants you to think that Russia helped Trump win and cost her the election. As it turns out, sources have revealed that this is nothing more than fake news, as Clinton’s team actually attempted an elaborate ploy that totally backfired on the former presidential hopeful.

Clinton aide Nestor Calabrese met with investigators yesterday, around the same time it was revealed that Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted key states in the election to influence voters toward Trump. It turns out those ads didn’t work the way they were intended. It turns out Hillary Clinton herself was behind Russia’s involvement.

Sources inside the White House close to the Russia investigation say that when confronted with “substantial evidence,” Calabrese cracked during questioning and admitted that Clinton, insecure about her chances of winning, came up with a scheme to make it look like Russia interfered with the election on Trump’s behalf. She believed it would guarantee her victory, as she thought Americans seeing a presidential candidate colluding with a country like Russia would sway them in her favor.

She was wrong. Americans saw right through her ploy. And now she may pay for it.

“We have new information that the Clinton administration planted emails that pointed to Donald Trump working with Russia,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckleberry Finn said. “As we have stated many, many times, President Trump and his team had nothing to do with Russia during the 2016 election.”

The plan Clinton came up with obviously backfired. Nobody believes now, as nobody believed then, that Trump would work with Russia to steal an election, or that he would need to enlist help to beat her. Did Obama help her come up with the plan, as he so clearly tried sabotaging the Trump campaign at every turn? Will this finally be the end of Crooked Hillary?

One source inside the White House – who requested to remain anonymous for now as the investigation is still ongoing – sure seems to think so.

“This is the end for Hillary. There’s no way Trump lets this stand. She tried to publicly insult him and accused him of being a traitor to our great country. There’s no chance he lets that go.”

With this new information coming to light, it may be time for the President to finally lock her up. For treason.

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