CNN Asks Sarah Sanders Why’s She’s Smiling At Podium…


Sarah Huckabee Sanders has proven she’s the woman for the job. As Press Secretary she’s gained even the respect of some of the anti-Trump liberal media for her honesty and clarity. Now IJR has a story about her press briefing today on Friday, where Huckabee Sanders smiled while she was up at the podium and CNN’s idiotic Jim Acosta wanted to know why.

Acosta asked Huckabee Sanders about the Madman Theory which is the idea that an effective leader must keep his enemies guessing and wondering if he is crazy to throw them off. Trump says “a lot of unsettling off-putting comments that sort of throw people off, that he likes to keep his adversaries guessing,” Acosta said. Is this an intentional strategy.

Huckabee Sanders looked at him skeptically from the podium, saying of course it is and POTUS “doesn’t want to lay out his game plan for our enemies.”

Acosta then followed up, asking how people should react when folks in Washington and the media “hold their breath” when they hear comments like Trump’s yesterday that this is “the calm before the storm.”

“So when people are — they sort of catch their breath in this town, when they sort of hold their breath in this town, when he says something like that… you have a smile on your face. Is that somewhat satisfying?” Acosta asked.

Huckabee Sanders smiled and absolutely decimated this clown. Why was she smiling?

“I picture people in this town holding their breath. That might be a welcome surprise for most of America.”

Mic drop.


Game over. Wow!

What do you think of this comeback?


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  1. Watch out, Donald! If Sarah Sanders runs for president you might not be re-elected. She is one sharp woman. I love her and the job she is doing as press secretary.

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