First LeBron’s Family Leaves Him … Now Nike Kicks Him To The Curb


Well, that didn’t take long.

Just one day after his wife Shaniqua filed for divorce and took the kids – MiniBron, Ajax, Sandy and Soliliquay – LeBron James has been dumped by the most important thing he had left: Nike.

The King couldn’t resist sending another not-so-subtle message to President Trump, this time defiantly stating that he would be kneeling for all national anthems this year, regardless of potential punishment or backlash. James’ constant anti-Trump rhetoric caused his family to leave him. Now, his biggest sponsor dumped his unpatriotic ass, too.

LeBron’s lack of respect for America and for Trump is costing him everything. Will the NBA act against him, next? What else does LeBron have to lose, since he’s already lost his sense of national pride and respect for his country?

When asked for comment, Shaniqua James had little to say.

“I don’t want to talk about the mistakes my idiot husband is making. How about instead of taking a knee, dude stands up and be a man?!”

LeBron just keeps spiraling down in a path of self-destruction. Let him kneel, and see what happens. Maybe the city of Cleveland will dump him next.


  1. Bless you, Shaniqua. Take your kids and run for safety. You will find it among religious and patriotic American people, of whatever color and despite color. As Martin said, we seek a place where the content of a man’s character counts more than the color of his skin!

  2. LeBron has always thought he was king, perfect, and the best Basketball player in the world. How do you feel know now LeBron?

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