Julian Assange Releases Video America Needs To See


The leader of WikiLeaks Julian Assange is sharing some facts about Hillary Clinton once again. Clearly, we already know Hillary is corrupt, but this may take the cake.

In the interview below Assange discusses how one email in all of Hillary’s emails stand out above the rest. He shares that “All serious analysts know, and even the US government has agreed, that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIS and funding ISIS, but the dodge has always been that it is some “rogue” princes using their oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves.” However this Hillary Clinton email says that it’s not just a rogue prince, but the actual governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

When asked more details about the relations between Hillary and these governments Assange shares a startling discovery. These governments are funding the Clinton Foundation, buying arms from the U.S. AND funding ISIS and ISIL.

He shares “Under Hillary Clinton – and the Clinton emails reveal a significant discussion of it – the biggest-ever arms deal in the world was made with Saudi Arabia: more than $80 billion. During her tenure, the total arms exports from the US doubled in dollar value.”

She’s even more wrapped up in criminal activities than we originally thought and using the U.S. to arm the enemy.

Watch the video below:


  1. They need to arrest her Obama is in with her also with this garbage, the FBI needs to do their jobs it’s treason what she has done and she is responsible for several deaths, not to mention all the dead bodies that pile up every time some one comes forward on her, and now Obama is having people killed that was going to come forward on him, clean the government out once and for all stop letting these 2 criminals get away with it they were responsible for the Fast and Furious, millions in guns and ammo.

    • Well Jennifer, I can say this in all honesty. None of these criminals are going to pay for their crimes. Jeff Sessions is a coward, and also part of the deep state. He’s already said he has no intention of going after Hillary. He said this to Jason Chavettz. The only way we could ever have a chance at seeing justice in this country, is if the American people physically took their government back. But that too will never happen either. Americans today don’t have the backbone to put their lives on the line. We will simply watch these people continue to lie, cheat and subvert our nation.

    • But we have a problem with AG Sessions – he told Jason Chaffetz when he was in the Congress that he will not be prosecuting high profile cases. IMHO I believe that Andrew McCabe is the one RUNNING THE SHOW AT THE FBI/DOJ. He was responsible, not just a participant but the DIRECTOR OF THE RUSSIAN COLLUSION THEORY AND THE DEEP STATE. I also believe that if they FIRE McCabe things will return to a more normal state at the FBI & DOJ. SOMETHING CLEARY HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS NOW!

  2. It’s clear now that Obama regime aided and fight with the American enemies across the globe. His interference with Nigerian election that see the defeat of Goodluck Jonathan to say the least is a clear indication of Obama’s anti American policy….his refusal to sell weapon for the last Administration to prosecute the war against terrorism is a clandestine support for the group and the expansion of the group across the region. I think the last American administration should be held accountable for the growth of ISIS and Boko haram.

  3. Now if were to go to War, we would send our most prized treasure…Our Children. All this because of EVIL people like hilury clinton and obama’s greed for power and money. I think if war breaks out anywhere in the world with countries using American made arms..These greedy people should be sent to the front line no matter of their health condition…after all, men and women in good health are sent to war…FAIR is FAIR!!

  4. JEFF SESSIONS AND POINDEXTER should offer their resignations they are hurting the
    POTUS and our country. I don’t trust the FBI or the CIA.

  5. I have been saying all along that hillary along with obama is corrupt
    I am going to try to print all of this and send to our President.

  6. kilLIARy, bho and soros must be tried for treason and if found guilty, a firing squad is in order. The clintonista’s, odumber and soros have gotten away w/murder for far too long! End it now!!! Get an attorney general w/some hutzpa for crying out loud!

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