Muslim Mayor Who Outlawed Christmas Removed From Office


Having the mayor of a sovereign suburb of Dearborn, Michigan removed from office isn’t something the average person could hope to accomplish. Especially if that mayor was a Muslim under all the protections afforded to them by Obama’s phone and pen.

President Trump isn’t an average person. He’s an extremely talented businessman and negotiator. So when he came up with the plan to remove Rahadi al Shatir from the Mayor’s Office of Blairsville, Michigan, his loyal staff and supporters stepped up or stepped out of the way.

New White House OIP Director Art Tolbuls explains:

The federal government has no control over elected officials at that level. What it does have control over is line-drawing. By having Mike Pence pull some strings and request a slight change in Indiana’s border, Michigan became part of a mapping project authorized by Congress in 1826.

In re-drawing the state to accomodate the new border request, expanding Indiana 6 feet into the river for 100 yards, Blairsville was eliminated and consumed by the county seat for lack of federal contributions. The population may be 57 percent Muslim, but they pay the taxes of a town 1/10th their size. They will now be a part of the City of Minoscet.”

The Mayor and residents of Blairsville filed an immediate injunction with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals but were shut down until Tuesday. As of right now, Christmas is back on for ALL of Michigan.


    • You are an idiot. And you cannot be an American if you think that this Muslim scum had the right to ban Christmas. Get a life and a brain. And by the way, take stock of your soul.

    • You are an idiot. And you cannot be an American if you think that this Muslim scum had the right to ban Christmas. Get a life and a brain. And by the way, take stock of your soul.

    • And libtards don’t lol biggest crooks on the planet , from a brit thank god for common sense and mr Trump ! Weirdos and bad losers eat some lol

    • No cheating here, dumbo! Just right action and right living. We will pray for you because your hating is eating right through your brain, heart, and soul.

    • atleast we don’t need “safe spaces” when we don’t get what we want. as for you, when we want shit from you, we will squeeze your head.

    • No you got that backwards. Liberals are the cheaters. Turn about is fair play! You all don’t like it when it does not suit or profit your evil agenda do you?

    • It’s not cheating to use the law to your advantage. And as for accusing conservatives of cheating? LOL Better look at the liberals, too. The DNC cheating to cheat Bernie out of the Democratic nomination is a biggie.

    • Why do you have to be so vulgar? BTW VP Pence DIDN’T CHEAT – the laws are there. In case you want to know – ISLAM AND SHARIA LAW HAVE BEEN BANNED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since 1952. So the judge that was fired for IMPLEMENTING SHARIA LAW and this CRIMINAL MAYOR WERE FIRED LEGALLY.

    • I think you have conservatives and liberals mixed up. Only an asshole would support some Muslim eliminating Christmas. Like all the other liberals you don’t mind giving away your country to people that will eventually kill assholes that supported them.

    • Fuck you you fucking piece of shit. You love scuzlims go to allaland. We don’t recognize a political ideology conceived by a sycophant pedophile false prophet conman as faith. It has no place in our society. A society you apperently don’t care for. So maybe your in the wrong place to. You wannabe goat fucker

    • How depressingly uninformed.
      The process of moving lines to accomplish a political goal is called Gerrymandering, a tool created by the snti-federalist “Democratic-Republican Party”. The party was formed in 1791, and was the dominating “first party” in Federal and states until it fractured into the short-lived National Republican Party, and the much longer-lived Democrat Party. The modern Republican party is a relative newcomer, having been formed in 1858.

      The heirs of the Democratic-Republican party, in 1828, has a direct line of connection to today’s Democrat party, and Gerrymandering I’d their tool.

      And you, sir, are their tool.

  1. Muslims do not belong in US at all and certainly not in our government. Their beliefs are totally different! Every last one of them should be shipped to a Muslim country and any American pass port taken away permanently!!!

    • Yes, exactly MY thoughts and beliefs about the Moslem crazies. 1952 law says they are banned from our country. Too bad law is not being adhered to.

    • Absolutely!! They killed 1 million Armenians during the Ottoman Dynasty in Turkey!!! They mean business. My great grandfather escaped.

  2. Thank You Lord, for our blessings including President Trump, Mike Pence, Trey Gowdy, and all others fighting to protect our constitution, our way of life, and our freedom. God bless and God speed!!! †††

    • You know many Muslims are born here to naturalized parents… They ARE citizens and eligible to take office–now how they’re sworn in without a bible amazes me…

  3. No Muslim who doesn’t believe in OUR COUNTRY’s beliefs should NOT be able to RUN for ANY OFFICE. How would they like it if we went to their country and banned kneeling on a carpet or blanket for prayers. How would they like it if we banned women over there from wearing head and face scarf’s. Muslims stay in your own country and leave us alone.

  4. PRESIDENT TRUMP Has a long way to go to undo all what .The Clintons Obama Mafia Gang of cheats done for there own Ends MULTI MILLIONAIRES Do you think that the Gang cared about the true Americans First Indian, then the whites. No they would use them to stay in Power. to bring down the middle classes to the low life Trailer trash level who have never done a days work, in there lives and walk the streets with low life Scum in all cities doing Drugs & Murder AND NOW TERRORIST FROM THE MIDDEL EAST Europe needs a Trump to sort out the EU ANOTHER GANG OF LIARS AND money grabbing B******* The EU has never ever SUBMITTED There accounts for inspection so know who pocket the money its in now.

  5. Only a moslem would ban christmas. In a christian country how do these troglodytes get into office when every1 knows that the 1st thing theyll do is implement sharia law and ban all christian values

  6. mo-Slimes are evil inbreed perverts, worse then pigs. It is against our laws, that they are even in the united States. (thanks to obozo) I believe that maybe President Trump started with illegal dreamers(DACA) stating it’s unconstitutional and will deport these grown ass kids bc Congress can’t agree or pass anything. then next go after these filthy inhuman mo-Slim demons stating it was another law obozo broke and unconstitutional to have these welfare mooches in our country so that we can deport them too !!!!!!

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