BREAKING: Obama Butler In Critical Condition One Day After He Met With FBI


As you may have heard, the man who worked as former President Barack Obama’s butler in his new D.C. mansion quit his job a few weeks ago just before meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigations “in relation to his work with the Obamas,” as his attorney puts it.

Maquis Blackman had not worked for Obama for long, but he didn’t need long to realize that something terrible was happening behind closed doors. While he has not made what he told the bureau public, Blackman clearly considered it important enough to quit a lucrative job.

Blackman had a formal meeting with FBI agents Monday, and on Tuesday he was found “unresponsive” outside his home in Baltimore, Maryland. According to police reports, he fell. But his brother Daequan says that Marquis called him earlier in the evening “talking a bunch of shit about a black van following him.”

“I thought he was being paranoid, but then he was found with bruises all over him outside his crib,” the brother told local newspaper the Baltimore Oriole. “I don’t know what happened, but something happened.”

“The whole family is worried,” says Daequan. “No one knows why anyone would do this to him or why the police would not mention the bruises all over his body. It was like he was hit with a lead pipe.”

Marquis Blackman is still in the hospital and listed in critical condition.

What did Blackman have to tell the FBI? Was it important enough to hurt someone for talking about? To kill for?

UPDATE: Obama Butler Dies In Hospital Under ‘Suspicious Circumstances’


  1. Holy crap! And people think Obama was so perfect and had no faults. Looks like he might have his own henchmen taking care of those who speak out against him. Watch out for the Obie black van!

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