Photo Proves There Were Multiple Liberal Terrorists Shooting At Vegas Patriots


The mainstream media is trying to spin the tale that the deadly shooting in Las Vegas was the work of a lone wolf, a white man who had lost his mind, go figure. But a new photo is making rounds that proves this is just another lie the liberal media is telling the American people. In reality, there were multiple left-wing terrorists shooting down innocent red-blooded Americans while they attended a country music concert.

According to witnesses who were actually present when the attack took place, there were multiple gunmen and the shots were “coming from everywhere.” This mass shooting, which took the lives of more than 50 people and left hundreds dead, was actually the work of the Alt-Left and not a lone gunman who had just gone crazy. And now, there is proof.

The official story claims Stephen Paddock, acting alone, took down concertgoers from a hotel room on the 32nd floor. But if you look at this picture of the hotel, you can clearly see that multiple windows are busted out from the hail of bullets, none of which are on the 32nd floor.

If you were paying attention to the footage shown by the mainstream media, you probably noticed that they showed the same images on a loop. Why? Because they are trying to manipulate the truth in an attempt to hide the fact that there were multiple gunmen and this was yet another event orchestrated by George Soros and his liberal terrorists.

Soros paid mercenaries carried out the attack in Las Vegas, including a total of five men, at least two of which were gunmen. Paddock wasn’t even aware of the trap he was walking into. He won the hotel room as a prize and was likely dead before the first shots were even fired. This was not the work of a lone wolf, it was the work of a network of Alt-Left terrorists and now we have the proof.

The following video also makes it clear that the shots were coming from a lower floor:

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