BREAKING: Robert Mueller Announces End To Russia Investigation, And Liberals Will HATE It


“Nothing.” That’s what FBI Director Robert Mueller found after an Obama-pushed investigation into the ridiculous allegation that Donald Trump and his campaign “colluded” with Russia.

The FBI announced an end to the investigation on Friday, and despite wasting millions of dollars of the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars FBI spokeswoman Claire Bennett says they “could not find evidence of a single crime committed by any person of interest in the investigation.”

This is bad news for liberals who have been using the “collusion” story to distract from the fact that their candidate in the last election is about as popular as a skunk-scented air freshener.

Like the air freshener, Hillary Clinton stinks and Democrats have lost their last excuse for why they keep propping up such useless and horrible candidates.

The Very Fake News Media is also clutching their pearls over this, for sure! This was the only thing keeping them going.

Once again, the enemy attacked and Donald Trump came out on top. Now, perhaps, he can get back to doing his job without liberals screaming “RUSSIA” in his face all the time.

It’s time to Make America Great Again!

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