San Juan City Council Votes Unanimously To Impeach Trump-Hating Mayor


When Donald Trump hinted that he may end aid to Puerto Rico over the mayor of San Juan’s decision to withhold aid from the rest of the country, the city’s other leaders finally took action.

While Puerto Rico’s Governor has praised Donald Trump’s efforts to quell the suffering of the people affected by Hurricane Maria, many of those efforts have been in vain because supplies come into San Juan, and the mayor has been stingy with distribution.

“We simply don’t have the staff or resources to distribute countrywide,” Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz told a local newspaper, adding that “anyone can come to San Juan if they need supplies.”

Unfortunately, that explanation was not good enough for her peers. In an emergency meeting on Thursday, the city council held an emergency meeting to initiate impeachment proceedings which begin on Monday.

Donald Trump has helped Puerto Rico and other hurricane-affected areas much more efficiently than any previous President, and Puerto Rico needs to replace their leadership with someone who understands and appreciates that before they lose the aid we aren’t even required to give them.


  1. Good! I hope they run that bitch out of town! She had to have been paid by the DNC or Soros because everything she said was a lie. Check her bank acct. I’ll bet you will find a large influx of cash.

  2. I served with many from Puerto Rico, in the Army, wonderful people, but, of course, every group has their bad gutter maggots, and San Juan’s Mayor Cruz is one of those gutter maggots of Hate and Insanity, willing to make her own people suffer because of her hate of someone who is not even required to lift a finger to help her or Puerto Rico. Mayor Cruz needs to be tossed in prison, not just kicked out of office!

  3. President Trump sent Fema and the National Guard the day before the storm of Maria with supplies and water and more and this idiot Mayor keeps taking the supplies and hiding them and stealing the money. Take her down she is the one killing children and the people the water and supplies are their.

  4. This is sooo typical of the SCUMMY left. Take ALL aid and supplies intended to help anyone who needs help. HORDE the supplies and BLAME the Presidency for the “shortage” of aid and supplies!

  5. About time they impeach this whiny liberal. The Teamsters president should be arrested for telling the truckers to go on strike until they get $50 per hour contract.

  6. Such suffering that needs to be taken care of, then between people trying to squeeze profit from that suffering and someone trying to use catastrophe for a political agenda, all I can conclude is that the world is sicker than I thought!

  7. Total ungrateful bitch. She deserves the impeachment.
    God Bless our President and God Bless America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. She is embarrassing ! I wonder
    If she sees it or is she such a narcissist that’s she is blind. She’s a nobody full of herself.

  9. She’s just mad about getting caught hoarding stuff the the US sent there to help people hit by the hurricane there. What a piece of work. Must be a fan of Hillary

  10. I totally agree with ALL of the comments posted… she is nothing but an ingrate and a Trump-hater. We’d ALL be happy to see her ass kicked out and put in jail for hurting her own people. 😣

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