Trey Gowdy Just Released The Final Benghazi Report – NOT GOOD FOR HILLARY


New details are emerging about Clinton’s misdeeds every week, and it is becoming increasingly hard to see how the former presidential nominee will remain a credible player in the political scene.

A new report has come out from the Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi, and it ended up confirming what most suspected all along. The Obama administration, which of course includes Hillary Clinton, completely failed to keep American diplomats properly protected and safe during that infamous attack.

The new report features 81 new witnesses and 75,000 new pages of documents, and serve to show just how profoundly incompetent the previous administration, as well as former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, were in response to the Benghazi attacks.

Coming in at just over 800 pages long, the report goes into extensive detail, and leaves no stone unturned as to what transpired during the attack. Many key revelations show just how lacking the previous administration’s response was to this emergency.

“Despite President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s clear orders to deploy military assets, nothing was sent to Benghazi, and nothing was en route to Libya at the time the last two Americans were killed almost 8 hours after the attacks began,” the report said.

It’s a shocking level of inefficiency, and there was a Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST) based out of Rota, Spain, sitting on a plane for over three hours, waiting to respond. Even worse, none of the military assets in the area met their required deployment times.

“We expect our government to make every effort to save the lives of Americans who serve in harm’s way. That did not happen in Benghazi,” said Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) in response to this report. “Politics were put ahead of the lives of Americans, and while the administration had made excuses and blamed the challenges posed by time and distance, the truth is that they did not try.”

Another elected official, Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL), was equally shocked over the findings, “Our committee’s insistence on additional information about the military’s response to the Benghazi attacks was met with strong opposition from the Defense Department, and now we know why. Instead of attempting to hide deficiencies in our posture and performance, it’s my hope our report will help ensure we fix what went wrong so that a tragedy like this never happens again.”

Of course, the infamous excuse Clinton used was that this attack was caused by a YouTube video, when in fact, she told her daughter as well as the Egyptian Prime Minister that it was a planned terrorist attack that had nothing to do with the film.

“Obama Administration officials, including the Secretary of State, learned almost in real time that the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

He continues, “rather than tell the American people the truth, the administration told one story privately and a different story publicly.”

With even more damning information about Clinton surfacing almost regularly, it’s hard to see who she will blame next for this failure — except herself.


  1. Next time we will put our “members” in harms way. I can think of nothing that is more horrifying then being burned to death and tortured. I hold all of them inexcusable~~the complete lack of concern is horrifying! What is even worse is that nothing has happened to their lack of action. I call that treason.

  2. I sincerely hope that Hillary Clinton will finally receive the ultimate sentence for the “murders by negligence” in the Benghazi tragedy!!
    So many crimes committed by Obama and Hillary and covered up by their minions!
    It is my hope and prayer that We The People will see justice delivered to all the living electeds on every level ~ of course we know Divine Justice awaits!

  3. Just keep her away from farm animals. That would be punishment excruciateing for her. Hillary wont have any sex if deprived of her farm animals.

  4. This should have happen yrs. ago, people are not doing there job, and we the people are letting it happen.Wake up peop;e!

  5. As there is substantial information on the failed leadership of the last administration ,I’d say it’s time to indict & persecute all involved in this atrocity,so it never happens again,they need to be held accountable.

  6. I don’t see any mention of why the attack to place. Most of the public already knows Obama and Clinton were running weapons to Syria through Lybia. Arming our enemies in Syria. The military was told to stand down because Obama and Clinton were trying to cover up their treasonous activities.

  7. For so long the families were lied to and then were called liars when they shared what they were told. My heart goes out to each family member and all the friends on the 4 who gave all for our country while getting nothing from the Elected officials who sent them over there. Hillary and Obama own this; hook, line, and sinker. They should be locked up and the key thrown away.

  8. The truth obama and hillary want to send something to Lybia,he send the Ambassador to bring the package because they are friend he said okay,The Ambassador and the Diplomat go together,when they reach Lybia,those soldier open the package inside was all kind of weapons and they are so happy about it,the Ambassador and the diplomat seen whats inside now they are so worried,they met a close friend who was also diplomat they talk about it the other guy told them to move 0n to another place.big mistake the Ambassador call hillary about the gun.lets me make it short after the conversation hillary call to Lybia, finish them,and obama and her watch the tv and watch everything and then go to bed the day i think went to vegas. those two are really born killer.

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