BREAKING: Chicago Cubs Say Obama Is Still Their President; Trump Not Welcome At Playoff Games


On the eve of starting the MLB postseason, the defending champion Chicago Cubs have restored their status as losers, releasing a team statement barring President Donald Trump from their postseason games.

“Last year we broke a 108-year old curse,” the statement said. “This team has been through the ringer and back. The last thing we need is a distraction, an attention-seeker, trying to make everything about them. While President Obama has lifetime VIP seating in a luxury sweet and will be in attendance during our playoff run and quest to repeat as World Champions, we want to make clear: President Trump is not our President, and he is not welcome at our games.”

The Cubs timing seems meticulously planned out and malicious toward the President – the team opens their playoff series tomorrow against the Washington Nationals, the team representing the nation’s capital. Nothing can stop the President from attending the games conducted in D.C. But, at least by the words, the Cubs won’t be allowing him into Wrigley Field.

Most Cubs players have refrained from comment, but start Kris Bryant wasn’t afraid to share his thoughts on Twitter.

While the team hasn’t publicly demonstrated to this point, this tweet seems to suggest the team may be planning to make yet another statement and kneel. Will they have the guts to do that in the nation’s capital during the National Anthem?

It’s time to put the curse back on the Cubs. Send them a Billy Goat. There’s nothing “Lovable” about these losers anymore.


  1. wow. I cant believe the disrespect from our Cubs, I thought higher of you Kris. what a shame you have lowered yourself to this kind of thinking. this is juvenile. perhaps you belong in the NFL.

  2. Like if OUR President wanted to go to their game they could stop him. Who do they think they are! Idiots!! They need to learn to spell. It’s suite not sweet.

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