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Ranveer Singh’s ad with Johnny Sins has taken the advertising world by storm with their unexpected collaboration. The duo joined forces to promote Ranveer’s sexual wellness brand, Bold Care, in a groundbreaking ad. The humorous take on a ‘saas-bahu’ television serial has ignited a frenzy on the internet, earning the title of the ‘biggest crossover’ moment.

1. Ranveer’s Audacious Move

Breaking conventions once again, Ranveer Singh surprised fans on February 12 by featuring in an ad alongside adult star Johnny Sins. This unexpected pairing showcased Ranveer’s daring approach to endorsements, particularly for a sensitive topic like sexual wellness.

2. A Comedic Twist on a Serious Subject

The ad’s uniqueness lies in its clever parody of the melodramatic ‘saas-bahu’ television serials. Johnny Sins, an adult star, takes on the role of a man grappling with sexual health issues, injecting humor into a typically serious narrative.

3. Internet’s Immediate Response

The internet exploded with reactions to this unusual collaboration. Many expressed their surprise, while others hailed it as a ‘biggest crossover’ moment, drawing parallels to iconic collaborations in various fields.

4. Bold Care’s Mission in Focus

Ranveer Singh, co-founder of Bold Care, shared his intent behind the campaign, emphasizing a genuine effort to raise awareness about men’s sexual health. The campaign aims to bring tangible solutions and make a positive impact on lives across the country.

5. Unexpected Comparisons

The internet drew unexpected comparisons, with some claiming that Ranveer and Johnny’s collaboration surpassed iconic crossover moments in popular culture. The ad, crafted by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team, and directed by Ayappa KM, has sparked conversations beyond the advertising realm.

Online Humor Takes Center Stage

Social media platforms buzzed with a mix of shock, amusement, and appreciation for the bold and creative approach of the Bold Care ad. The unexpected pairing left an indelible mark on online discussions.


Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins’ collaboration for the Bold Care ad goes beyond conventional advertising boundaries. The humor-infused take on a sensitive subject showcases the power of creativity in conveying essential messages.


Q1: How did Ranveer Singh surprise his fans in the ad?

Ranveer Singh surprised fans by featuring in an ad with adult star Johnny Sins for his brand, Bold Care.

Q2: What makes the Bold Care ad unique?

The Bold Care ad is unique for its humorous take on the sensitive topic of sexual health, presenting a parody of ‘saas-bahu’ television serials.

Q3: Who played the lead role in the ad alongside Ranveer Singh?

Adult star Johnny Sins played the lead role in the Bold Care ad alongside Ranveer Singh.

Q4: What is Ranveer Singh’s role in Bold Care?

Ranveer Singh is not only the face but also the co-founder of Bold Care, aiming to bring positive change in addressing men’s sexual health.

Q5: Who wrote and directed the Bold Care ad?

The ad was written by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team, and directed by Ayappa KM.

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