Liberal Activist Arrested For Having Abortion In Front Of Courthouse To Protest Abortion Vote


On Wednesday, a woman was arrested after doing something reprehensible in front of a courthouse in Columbus, Ohio in protest of a bill being considered by lawmakers that would protect precious babies with down syndrome from being euthanized by their liberal parents.

The bill would ban abortion after a Down syndrome diagnosis, ending the barbaric and alarmingly popular practice of having an abortion every time parents identify their child as genetically inferior.

“It’s really concerning that some people value the lives of our fellow Ohioans with Down syndrome less than others,” says state Senator Frank LaRose, who introduced Senate Bill 164.

Barbara LaPietera, who was until Wednesday pregnant with a child with Down syndrome, decided to publicly execute her offspring to make a political statement. The Columbus Journal reports:

LaPietera was arrested after she had a doctor who works with Planned Parenthood in Stately Township, about 15 miles outside Columbus, perform an abortion procedure.

At first, onlookers thought the woman in the hospital bed was a simple political statement, but then Doctor Helen Staley’s staff erected a privacy curtain around LaPietera. Onlookers could not tell what was happening behind the curtain, assuming it to be part of some sort of show, but when the curtain drew back they saw something horrifying: the women were both drenched in blood and LaPietera was holding the fetus in the air. Police moved in after she dropped it on the ground.

LaPietera was rushed to Mount Hope Hospital for evaluation and was taken into custody after the doctors cleared her. Both women were charged with public obscenity and the Ohio Medical Review Board is examining the issue of whether or not Staley should retain her license.

“Legally, there is nothing we can do about a doctor performing a medical procedure in the public eye,” says Columbus County Sheriff Merrick Turley. “But the fact that they pre-planned this is another story, which is where the obscenity charge comes from.”

This is just another example of the sick things liberals will do to force their will on society.

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